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Extraction Tools & Mixing Nozzle
Manual Extrusion Tools

All Consyst manual extrusion tools are made to a high quality and offers a number of significant benefits in design. Each tool has smooth and comfortable trigger ratio designed to deliver a smooth but power fool force in all conditions, with the minimum of effort.

Each Tool Features :
Mixer Nozzle

The T - Flow tm Mixer is an innovative static mixer nozzle which improves on the ubiquitous standard static mixer used to extrude and mix two component chemical anchors. This patented mixer has been proven with chemfix (Consyst) resin mortar systems to reduce extrusion forces, with better mixing capabilities, whilst leaving less wasted resin in the discarded mixer due to its shorter body.

This compact design is due entirely to the special disruptor, housed at the base of the mixer insert which creates a diffusion effect without increasing extrusion forces.

Wire Brushes
  • To clean the inner hole surface before resin injection
  • Sizes : 10 mm diameters
Blow Out Pump

Especially designed for hole cleaning during installation process.

  • Sizes : 190 mm, 280 mm

Nozzle Extension

To lengthen the nozzle for special application in very deep holes.

  • Size : 250 mm

Each Toll Features
  • Spring tension adjustment to allow tightening of the spring trigger action
  • Protection plate for vibration reduction in the vulnerable area

Chemical Dispensing Gun

PU Foams

Glass Capsule

RM 12
RSB 20
RSB 16

Construction Chemicals

All Type of Adaptor


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