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  • A two component chemical anchoring injection system 3:1 ratio formulation derived from pure epoxy with very high bond strength, developed principally to anchor threaded rods and rebar into concrete and used for high performance structural applications.

    CE500 is a 2 component high strength pure epoxy chemical anchoring resin system. It has the advantage of European Technical Approvals for post installed rebar, used in cracked & non cracked plus WRAS & Fire Rates certificates.

    CE500 is relatively slow curing injection mortar system, thus ideal for very large fixing & delivered through a mixing nozzle directly into the fixing hole. The cartridge and extruded using a special designed fixing tool.

  • Features and Applications
  • Suitable for high loads featuring large diameters and deep embedment
  • Longer working times make it suitable for large holes and high temperatures
  • No shrinkage and good for large diameter fixings
  • Use in wet or flooded environments, underwater and in fixing holes
  • High durability and resistance to chemicals
  • Used for diamond drilled holes
  • Solvent free resin
  • Fixings in concrete wood and other high strength materials
  • Used for high performance structural applications
  • Used with all grades of threaded rod and rebar in accordance with TR029 [ ETA Approved ]
  • ETA approved for Seismic Loads C2
  • Ideal for deep embedment installations
  • Used in Non - Cracked and Cracked concrete [ ETA Approved ]
  • Used in dry and wet concrete and also in wood
  • Used in flooded holes
  • Used for overhead applications
  • ETA approved for diamond drilled holes
  • Ideal for elevated temperatures
  • Zero shrinkage & longer working time
  • Convenient and reliable design using chemfix design plus software
  • Zero shrinkage enables large diameter installations
Gelling Time and Curing Time
Base Material Temperature 45° 35° 25° 15°
Typical Gel Time ( min ) 10 16 25 60 120
Minimum Load Time 150 240 480 1200 3000
Applications Process


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